10mm x 50m polyester rope ropes Segeltauwerk mooring

10mm x 50m polyester rope ropes Segeltauwerk mooring

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  • Package Weight : 3480g

  • Package Width : 21cm

  • Package Height : 17cm

  • Package Length: 22 cm

This braided Segeltauwerk is outstandingly suitable for use for marine, truck and general purposes. Made from UV, abrasion and chemical resistant material guarantees this rope safe and years of use.

  • Material: Polyester

  • Diameter: 10 mm

  • Length: 50 m

  • Net Weight: 3.26 kg

  • UV-, chemical- and abrasion-resistant

  • Very good salt water, acid and petroleum resistance

  • High strength and low stretch

  • Breaking strength: 1430 kg

  • Working strength: 280 kg

  • Not suitable for climbing, for lifting goods / loads or for use as swing / part of a swing.

  • Material: Polyester: 100%

This braided Segeltauwerk can be used in the marine and industrial sector as well as within the overall scope. You can use it as a uA Tauwerk-, Großschot- and Vorschot-leash for your Genoa sail, as a tent-storm cord and clothesline. The polyester rope was braided low stretch. Now also UV-resistant, abrasion-proof and resistant to chemicals, is assures a long service life.

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